Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May 1

It's the first of May.
I walked up the street today, dappeled in morning light, and on the sidewalk was a bucket with long stemmed daisies in it, pink, white, and red. And there was a sign that said take one, Happy May Day. And I did.
I love this season of sun and brisk air and the smell of lilacs hanging in the air at unexpected turns.

* * *
Markus and I explored the Locks this evening - it was good to spend an evening with him, I do love his company so! We picked the very worst month to try and see fish on the fish ladder (we saw zero) but we will try again in August - apparently our odds will be better. We did pick the perfect day to take a walk and eat fish and chips however. But then again every day is a perfect day to eat fish and chips because that is always a good decision.
Happiest of May Days, peeps, do go out and enjoy the sun!

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