Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 30

...and then there was that time when Rachel Held Evans came over for dinner and wine.

It was one of those days that goes down in a girl's history as one that can only be described as first-class. It was beautiful out, work was going well, and Rachel-OH-MY-GOSH-Held-Evans was speaking at chapel. Of course her talk was heart warming, funny, wise, and empowering and my feminist little heart was crooning happy things. We met her shortly thereafter, all atwitter, breathlessly telling her how wonderful she was and could-you-please-take-a-picture-with-us-and-sign-this-book, and oh yes, would you like to come over tonight?

AND SHE SAID YES!! So after we all died minor deaths, whipped the house in order, and Olivia made soup, we spent an evening with Rachel, talking, laughing, asking questions, and telling stories - and truly, she is a woman of valor and so inspiring.

Eshet Chayil!

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