Saturday, April 20, 2013

April 20

Happy Birthday Ada! This girl turns 4 on Monday, and in celebration of that fact, Jenny threw her a pink ballerina party - and it was a pink ballerina party worthy of acclaim, truly a testament to Jenny's party planning finesse. There were crepes and chandeliers and tutus and Angelina Ballerina and a three tiered cake with little peanut butter slippers on it.
Ada is a firecracker. I can't wait to see her change the world one day - she's already making bold strides towards that accomplishment.
Markus and I headed up from Seattle this morning to join in the festivities - Ada is his first and much beloved niece after all - and besides playing with the littles and eating deliciousness in pancake form, much good time was had spending time with his family, catching up, and taking in the Lynden air.
And this is Ruby, she is precious no?

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  1. so much pink! i, too, was an angelina fan back in the day...

    very lovely.