Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 17

This is my house mate Olivia. I got to hang out with this lovely lady yesterday and take some pictures of her in her stylish new hand made clothes. We adventured through UW's beautiful campus and froze a little between scampering through cherry blossoms and exploring little groves...truly, nothing hot coffee couldn't put to rights. Livs is our scientist, artist, cyclist, fashion designer, rock climber, seamstress, chef, ultimate frisbee-er, engineer, and student extraodinair - how she does it, we don't know, but she does. She is also a delight to photograph, being elegant, easily amused, and oh so photogenic. Check out her stuff here and here and also her etsy store here.

* * *

Bustle and caw. Recall the green heat
rising from the new minted earth, granite

and basalt, proto-continents shuffling
and stacking the deck, first shadows flung

from the ultraviolet haze. A fern
uncurls from the swamp, the microscopic furnace

of replication warms the world, one
becoming two, two four: exponential blossom.

Lush with collision, the teacup balance
of x and y, cells like balloons

escaping into the sky—then the dumbstruck
hour, unmoored by a river,

a first fish creeps to the land to marvel
at the monstrous buds of its toes. And stars

grow feet and walk across the years, into these dozing,
ordinary days, climbing the spine’s winding

stair, where crickets yawn and history spins.
- Joanie Mackowski

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