Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 18

On my 2013 To Do list (I will never get through my bucket list unless I section things off, you see) nestled right in between Go to Sweden and Get a driving license, was Learn how to bake bread. Last year it was pie. Bread is terrifying mostly because yeast (little living organisms that bloat and die to make my bread fluffy? What nast.) but also because good bread is one of my favorite things, and making bad bread therefore, bread kneaded by my own two hands, would be that much more of a failure. However, face those fears, I did - Eschet Chayil! - and today I made Monkey Bread.
It is clear to me why people make it just and only for the holidays (or once every three years). It took me only about 4 hours. And this was the sped up version. However, at the end of 4 hours, we were rewarded with a delectable bunt-full of soft dough nuggets dipped lovingly one by one in butter and sugar sharing the strong bonds of caramel and frosting. I'm going to go ahead and say it was well worth it.  
It is beautimous no?

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