Friday, May 3, 2013

May 3

Here we are, on the Olympic Peninsula, cooking for the masses and taking in the sun and the sea.

This weekend we're feeding 25 people - two vegetarians, one allergic to sprouts, another allergic to garlic, a vegan, and a lady who is kosher. And we say BRING IT.

So far we have had only one semi-catastrophe in the form of little balls of deepfried chickpeas also known as falafel also known as the devil. They are a wonderful option for those who would like to a. entirely smoke a house out, b.cause personal injury, or c.burn said house down altogether. We threw our perfectly formed little discs of perfectly seasoned mix into our perfectly simmering oil, whereupon all our perfect discs promplty dissintegrated to greese-soaked mash, onions floating sadly to the surface, as we looked morosely on.

We fixed it (flour and less oil, who knew?). There was a lot of self-congratulatary speak thereafter and everyone was fed so really, all's well that ends well. And we're making curry tonight - curry can do no wrong.

Also we went to La Push, and it is spectacular. The picture above is us standing in trunk of the most giant piece of drift wood (drift trunk? drift tree?) I have ever seen.

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