Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 24

Seattle bound again! It was brief, out little sojourn to the country, and lovely. My dearest unfortunately ran into some trial and tribulation in the form of shrimp that I allowed to be put on the table (they expired in 2010). To be fair, they were mixed in in minute quantities with an island concoction Sri Lankans know as Chinese Chilli Paste which a. I've always assumed never expired and b. Markus will probably never eat again. This of course made the prospect of driving home a little hellish, but we trucked on. He trucked on, I should say - I was a little useless (being about as confident as a jellyfish on stilts when it comes to driving stick shift vehicles).
Besides that we had a beautiful drive up, good conversation, and made it safe and sound to the bosom of our city
How I felt, how he felt.


  1. so lovely, but also i gagged when i read "bosom of our city."

    love thee.

  2. By the look on Markus' face ... I'm hoping he didn't have an "expiry date" too ...