Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 11

These kids waste no time. On Sunday morning bright and early we were on our merry way to adventure. We left on the 7 O'we-shouldn't-be-up ferry to Lake Laxjön, a gorgeous basin, about three hours inland. We had a lovely little villa all to ourselves, the perfect home base for forays out into the cold...because it was. It poured (HI SUMMER!). It was the most dramatic canoe trip I have maybe ever embarked upon (unless you count the time I told Alisa and Kelsey that I could canoe when I couldn't and almost floated us over a waterfall). There was rain and thunder and lightning and a sky that would have done Mordor proud and it was just beautiful. 

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  1. we don't have to count that time Steph, although it was a fantastic heart-pounding adventure.